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Juan Lourido – Testa

As he walked along  the Huntington Beach Pier one Sunday afternoon in the summer of 2002, he noticed some interesting music, clapping, and a crowd in a circle with glimpses of what seem to be 2 people within it… kicking ? dancing? Going upside down? He got closer to get a better view and then he realized… it was capoeira. He remembered watching a movie years before that showcased the art-form, but had never seen it in person, and now here it was, right in front of him, he felt attracted immediately. As intimidating as it seemed, the curiosity and allure of what he saw won him over and he graved a flyer. He and his friend decided to go check it out, there was a class on Saturday mornings at Cal State Long Beach, they watched, but were still intimidated by what seemed to be so challenging. He wanted to join but his friend was more hesitant, so he decided to go check out a few more classes by himself, just sitting in a corner to watch; he did that for about a month until finally decided to jump in the water taking his first class under Profesor Gui from Centrosul Capoeira. From that point on he continued to train and become more involved in everything related to Capoeira, the school, his classmates and his Mestre. He trained under the direction of Contra-Mestre Gui the style of Capoeira Regional for the next 7 years receiving a Yellow belt and leading a number of beginner adult classes and children program at the Centrosul Academy. (More about Centrosul Capoeira & CM Gui) In 2009 Contra Mestre Gui returned to live in his native Brasil and Testa remained involved in the Capoeira community, visiting nearby schools and training sporadically for about a year, although he felt somewhat disconnected now that his Mestre was no longer around. 
In 2010 he met Profesor Xara, who had started teaching in Cal State Long Beach (same location he had taken his first lessons), so he decided to pay him a visit and check out the class. He did not know what to expect from this new teacher since he belonged to the renowned group Cordão de Ouro, which practices a significantly different style from what he was used to. As expected, he met some challenges right away due to the differences in training but he decided to meet those challenges and train for a few months “just to see if he could do it”.  After a while he got to know the new teacher and his family and started to build a relationship with them, so before he knew it he had become part of the family and was once again enjoying all the aspects that Capoeira had brought to his life previously. Once Contra-Mestre Xara had to move back to Iowa due to illness, still under his supervision, he left Testa appointed to the Long Beach chapter. Currently, he is still training under the supervision of Mestre Chicote (CM Xara’s teacher) in the Capoeira group Cordão de Ouro.
He is an instructor for the classes offered at The Drop In (Dance & Fitness) and also collaborate with the children’s capoeira classes offered at Patrick Henry Elementary School in Long Beach California. Throughout his twelve years of experience in Capeoira he has traveled in US attending conferences and workshops given by a wide range of Capeoira Mestres, professors, and instructors. These events have provided a wide range of styles within the art that have contributed and influenced his education and teaching.


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