Capoeira De Ouro

Capoeira De Ouro um site pra alunos graduados de Mestre CHICOTE

Instrutor Preá CDO Bay Area

Los Angeles, California, USA http://www.zen-axis.com/cdo/main2.swf In 1999, while studying at the University of California, Berkeley, Instructor Preá (Nick Damski) started training capoeira with one of Mestre Suassuna’s graduated students. There, he met Professores Berinjela and Xangô as well as Instructor Girafa and Estagiario Zumbi with whom he trained… More Instructor Preá Info   Instructor: Instructor […]

C.M Berinjela CDO Bay Area

Bay Area, California, USA Berinjela’s life in Capoeira began quite simply by accident. He was studying Wing Chun Kung Fu when he enrolled in film courses in the fall of 1996. One of his classes was a trial by fire exercise in modern day filmmaking. In short he had to make a film, from the […]

C.M Xango CDO Bay Area

Professor Xangô Professor Xangô, Instr. Préa   Professor Xangô Bay Area, California, USA Inspired by a childhood friend who was a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, Professor Xangô decided to take up martial arts. He made arrangements to begin receiving instruction on a private basis when his friend convinced him to attend a capoeira […]

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